Resuming a PARCC Test

While you are in a test session, a scenario may arise where a student needs to have a test resumed by an individual in PearsonAccessNEXT with Test Administrator roles. This can be caused by a variety of reasons but a few common ones we have seen from our Field Test / Infrastructure Trial are:

  • Device does to sleep, such as if a laptop and a student closes the lid to use the restroom
  • The test is exited by accident when not 100% complete
  • Student goes home ill during the test

If any of these occur the test will need to be resumed. I’ve put together a step-by-step guide on one way to resume a student test using the Students in Session page as well as a filter to display only those students with an exited status. This helps locating the students easier, especially if you have a large test session. The direction are below:

Directions to resume a PARCC Test

Keep in mind, the individual resuming the test will need to be setup with the proper permissions (test administrator) and in the correct organization to have permission to resume the test.

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