Running Google Expeditions on your Cisco Wireless

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(If you don’t want to hear the story of the app and jump right to the solution, scroll down a few paragraphs) The support pages for Expeditions contain some guidance about the requirements to run Expeditions on your network, mainly: “Check with your IT admin to see if your school Wi-Fi network is enabled for peer-to-peer networking. If it isn’t, you …

Casper & Automated Management

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One task I am often faced with in managing our iOS devices is finding ways to help our users help themselves to resolve issues on their devices. This can be something as simple as encouraging them to update iOS, freeing up space or performing actions based upon specific vision. One great way to do this in the Casper Suite is …

Student iPad Orientation & Setup Video

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Each year students receiving their iPad for the first time attend an Orientation / Setup session to setup their own devices. Here is the video used for this school year the students follow for setting up their devices.

Managed Apple IDs: Tips

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Working with new Managed Apple IDs Each and every summer, EdTech folks get to learn about the newest trends in technology. For school districts working with Apple Technologies, this usually means a new version of macOS or iOS. This summer, it is a bit different for Education, as Apple has rolled out Apple School Manager (ASM), a replacement for the …

Expeditions Everywhere

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A little under a month ago we had the chance with the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program to visit a host of locations around the world with our students in an immersive, engaging and exciting new way – virtually. Our classes visited Greece and saw the Parthenon, dove underwater to see the impact acidification of the ocean has on coral reefs …

Introducing Google Spaces

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A few quick thoughts on Spaces in Education Earlier today Google announced a new product called Spaces via their Blog Page. Looking at the app off the bat, what comes to mind is a mini version of the Google Plus item Communities. What I love about Spaces is how they are hyper-focused on a specific topic allowing you and a …