Refreshing old / stale EDU profiles

It’s definitely been a bit of time with a post … but I came across this issue and wanted to share in case anyone else ever finds themselves in the same situation. When our teacher devices go home over the summer, sometimes they will be offline for a considerable amount of time (think months) and technology infrastructure changes.

One of the changes we made this year was ditching the SIS -> Apple School Manager -> MDM -> iPad / Mac for Apple Classroom classes and instead wanted to simplify things by going SIS -> Apple School Manager -> iPad / Mac (with Managed Apple IDs). One of the things we noticed, however, is a few teachers and students still had their Apple Classroom class listings tied to the old EDU profile system. To go around this we did the following:

  • Create a new dummy class in jamfPro and assign the teacher. This is the same teacher with the old EDU profile.
  • Add one test student to the class
  • Allow the new EDU profile to install on impacted devices.
  • Once verified as installed, delete the class. This removes the EDU profile from the machine and clears up the issue.

It’s a couple of steps, but pretty quick and easy to do to get things back on track!