Tracking App versions in MunkiReport-PHP

There is a new release of MunkiReport-PHP (v2.3.0) with a bunch of new features. One of those is a widget to track and  display application versions. Recent updates allowed MunkiReport to include Internet Plug-Ins as as application and report back the version (I’m looking at you Java, Flash and Silverlight.)  With this new addition the question may pop up, “How do we track additional apps beyond Safari?” Here is how you can do that:

The first spot we are going to want to look at is to find which apps are reporting their version back to MunkiReport. To view a listing of items reporting back their version, go to the Listings Tab and choosing Inventory.

The list of applications appearing shows us what we can pull from for the6053394 application version reporting widget. Using Firefox as the example, filter your application list by entering “Firefox” in the search field. It is important to note that while MunkiReport allows us to enter this as “Firefox” or “FireFox” the configuration MUST match how MunkiReport displays the app name in the Inventory Listing Page; in this case “Firefox”. Once you have searched and found the items you wish to display in the app reporting widget we can move to the configuration.

The configuration of applications to display is handled in the main config.php file for MunkiReport. In a clean installation of MunkiReport there is a sample item to get you started:

$conf[‘apps_to_track’] = array(‘Safari’);

This will report back the version(s) of Safari installed on the machines reporting back to your MunkiReport Server. In my case I track three apps and my configuration array looks like:

$appsToCheck = array(“Silverlight”,”Java”,”Flash Player”);

This will report back the versions of Silverlight, Java and Flash Player on my machines and report back the version number and number of clients on the version.


That’s it! If you are trying to track an application and it does not show up, make sure the case of the application name and any spaces match exactly what appears in the reporting page.

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